Thousands of New Mexicans will be eligible for deportation relief and a three year work permit under President Obama's Deferred Action for Parental Accountability Program (DAPA). This reversal of the President's previous enforcement policies was hard fought by our families, and we won't stop until all of us are included in a just and sensible immigration reform.  In the meantime, Somos is teaming up with organizational partners like Casa Reina, Adelante, and the Colonias Development Council to provide information and legal services to workers and families throughout the state.


Despite the President's executive action to grant administrative relief to millions of undocumented parents, 450 young children and mothers who were detained in a makeshift detention center in Artesia, NM will remain behind bars and in caged playgrounds.


The Artesia detention facility is rightly being shut down, but the President ordered the women and children transferred to a new for-profit prison in Dilley, TX instead of to their families.


We support national efforts to end child and family detention. You can too by clicking here to sign a petition to New Mexico's congressional representatives who so far have NOT taken a stand against locking up children and mothers seeking asylum.

The US immigration system is terribly broken. Thousands of New Mexico’s immigrant families have been torn apart by detention and deportation while thousands more continue to live in flux and uncertainty. For over a decade, Somos has been at the forefront of statewide efforts to garner support for a comprehensive immigration reform that keeps families together, safeguards civil and worker’s rights, and provides a path to citizenship for our families.


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