Somos Restaurant Week March 26th to April 1st

Enjoy a great meal and help us continue to fight for immigrants' rights across New Mexico.

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VICTORY! Santa Fe Council Votes Unanimously to Adopt Stronger Sanctuary Policies!


On February 22nd, with more than 300 people in attendance, the Santa Fe City Council voted unanimously to take a strong stand for sanctuary and adopt a resolution that not only reaffirms our longstanding status as a welcoming community, but strengthens it with new policy directives aimed at further integrating immigrants into the civic, economic, and cultural life of our city.



The Governor wanted a REAL ID compliant license and her administration got what they wanted. But a majority of New Mexicans and the Legislature wanted a real alternative to the REAL ID. The new Driver's Authorization Card (D.A.C.) is that alternative non-REAL ID license that so many of us fought for and is available to citizens and non-citizens alike. Before you renew your license or apply for the very first time, be sure to know your rights.
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If you have any questions, are having problems and want to make a report, please call our Know Your Rights Hotline at 844-365-NMDL (844-365-6635) or email us at


Because we believe that every person should have the freedom to move in order to pursue a better life, Somos Un Pueblo Unido works to build a community that does not discriminate against people based on their national origin, that institutes humane migration policies, and that protects the human rights of everyone irrespective of where they are born or what documents they carry.

¿Quiénes Somos?

Somos, founded in 1995, is a statewide community-based and immigrant-led organization that promotes worker and racial justice.


            With an active membership of 2,500 people in ten counties, Somos :

               Offers community education about rights and remedies

Forges leadership opportunities for immigrants and low-wage workers

   Provides  legal services to wage theft victims

Engages Latinos in the political and electoral process

 Leads and supports grassroots campaigns for local and national policies that strengthen our communities




Comité de Trabajadores Unidos (Santa Fe County)

Familias Unidas por Justicia (San Juan County)

Somos Española (Rio Arriba County)

Somos Cháves

Somos Clovis (Curry County)

Somos Portales (Roosevelt County)

Somos Lea County

Somos Veguita (Socorro & Valencia Counties)

Somos Gallup (McKinley County)


Somos works with a broad set of allies to promote local and national policies that nurture strong communities in which our families can thrive.


1995  New Mexico State Legislative Memorial

A group of immigrants and supporters in Santa Fe campaigns to pass a state legislative memorial condemning California’s passage of Proposition 187. Out of this campaign, Somos Un Pueblo Unido is born.


1999 Santa Fe Anti-discrimination Resolution

Somos works to pass a City Council resolution barring city employees, including police officers, from asking residents about their immigration status. The resolution also leads to the creation of a permanent city committee on immigrant affairs, still active today.


2000 No Immigrant Prison!

Somos rallies the community to stop Santa Fe County from opening a for-profit segregated immigrant prison.


2002 Licencias para Inmigrantes; Seguridad para Todos

Somos spearheads a statewide campaign to pass a law making undocumented immigrants eligible for drivers’ licenses in New Mexico.


2005 Greenlight New Mexico’s Future

Somos organizes statewide effort to pass the most progressive higher education law for undocumented immigrant students in the country, allowing students to access in-state tuition and state financial aid regardless of immigration status.


2007 Raising the Floor in Santa Fe

As part of the Santa Fe Living Wage Network, Somos is instrumental in establishing one of the nation's highest citywide minimum wages with a yearly cost of living increase.


2009 Protecting New Mexico’s Workers

Somos leads a campaign to pass a state anti-wage theft law protecting all workers from unscrupulous employers who steal their hard earned money.


2009 Bias-based Policing Ban

Somos works alongside the NAACP and the Drug Policy Alliance to make New Mexico the 23rd state to ban racial profiling and other forms of bias-based policing.


2011-2014 In Defense of Drivers’ Licenses

Somos leads a statewide coalition to thwart repeated efforts by the Governor to take away licenses from New Mexico’s immigrant families.


2012 United Workers Center of New Mexico

Somos opens the state’s first and only worker center to organize and provide support to low-wage workers irrespective of national origin.


2013 Speeding up Wage Recovery

The United Worker Center organizes campaign to pass a state law that expedites wage cases in court, speeding up the time it takes for wage theft victims to recuperate their money.



"I do as much as I can with Somos Un Pueblo Unido because I think it is a very grounded civil rights organization. What they work on is practical. Our 1999 resolution is an example of this practical approach. It was about treating everyone the same, avoiding racial stereotyping,  and ensuring public safety for all residents of the City of Santa Fe."

  David Coss, Former Mayor of Santa Fe




Somos' Worker’s Committee formed in 2005 to provide community education about employment rights and to organize for better conditions in the workplace.  In 2012, we founded New Mexico’s first and only worker center for low-wage workers. 



and  Santa Fe County


UWC Highlights:

   >     Passed two state laws providing additional protections and remedies to

           wage theft victims

   >     Helped organize campaigns to raise the minimum wage in the City of Santa Fe







   >      Trained over 20 attorneys in New Mexico to represent wage theft victims

   >      Recovered more than $750,000 in stolen wages and penalties for low-wage


  >      Organized over two dozen worksite committees that improved workplace

          conditions, such as receiving better pay, breaks and a lunch hour, more

          equitable treatment by management, etc.


At the UWC, workers can:

    >     Learn about rights and remedies

    >     Get help filing wage claims and other administrative complaints (i.e.-

           sexual harassment, health and safety, and discrimination complaints)

    >     Form worksite committees to organize for improved working conditions

    >     Have a place to conduct meetings outside of the workplace

    >     Become involved in campaigns to pass laws and policies that support

           low-wage workers. UWC members participate in trainings, media

           events, meetings with elected officials, etc.



"Somos siempre nos ha apoyado, especialmente sobre el salario mínimo y las licencias para manejar. Debemos unirnos todos los inmigrantes

Latinos para tener más fuerza. Entre más somos mejor, porque esto es lo que nos da fuerza".

Axel Carmona López, Miembro de Somos




Tune in to Somos Un Pueblo Unido's weekly radio show to hear the stories of our struggles and triumphs as Latinos and Hispanos in New Mexico.

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"Somos has impacted our community by training people how to stand up for themselves and work collectively to better their lives .... In one way or another, every immigrant in this state has been positively impacted by the work of Somos."

Mabel Arellanes,  Somos Member





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