Keep all Drivers Licensed in New Mexico




In 2003, New Mexico passed a law requiring all drivers regardless of immigration status to apply for a driver’s license. Since then, about 100,000 immigrants have successfully applied, taking the eye, written and road exams, registering their vehicles, and purchasing auto insurance. Despite the proven benefits to public safety and our state's economy, Governor Martinez tried to repeal this law over and over again for six years without success.


In early 2016, the state legislature voted overwhelmingly to reject Martinez’ plan by creating a non-discriminatory two-tiered driver’s license system that gives New Mexicans the choice to opt in or out of the REAL ID Act. The law creates two licenses, a REAL ID-compliant one for eligible New Mexicans who want it and can provide all the federally required documents, and a non-REAL ID license, otherwise known as a Driver’s Authorization Card (DAC), for everyone else regardless of immigrations status.


To know your rights under the new law, check out Somosfact sheet here.


If you believe you were unjustly denied a license or were not provided with the right information at MVD, please call our Drivers’ License Hotline at

1-844-365-NMDL (1-844-365-6635).


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